Floofpose (floofinition) – 1. When a housepet seems to strike a pose while in the middle of doing something else. 2. The way housepets lay while sleeping.

In use: “The tortie was washing her face, and the lab was crossing the living room when both floofposed in the middle of their respective acts, bewildering their human. “What is it?” she said. “What do you see?” As if shrugging, the cat resumed watching and the dog continued to the pet door.”

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    1. I would if I could but only two copies exist. Floofologists, jealous of others gaining their knowledge, insist that only members of the Federation of Floofologists (FoF) be permitted access to the Floofsaurus. The copies are rumored to be held in secret Floofcaves in Canada, somewhere in Europe, and the Arctic.

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      1. LOL. “The Secret Copy of the Floofsaurus.” IDK. The Floofologists would probably come after me, starting a madcap chase where I meet helpful animals, until a group of renegade Floofologists come out of hunting to help me. That seems like a lot of work. As a writer, I’m categorically adverse to working.

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