Floofnut (floofinition) – 1. Someone obsessed with animals, especially housepets such as cats, dogs, and rabbits. 2. A housepet with silly, erratic, or unusual behavior that’s often humorous and endearing. 3. A kibble treat for animals shaped like a doughnut or nut. 4. A doughnut that looks like an animal, such as a cat or dog.

In use: “With twenty-three housepets, he was beginning to wonder if he’d become the floofnut that his friends always accused him of being.”


Floofatorium (floofinition) – A large building or hall used for animal gatherings, typically to witness speeches or stage performances, or to have very large meals.

In use: “Walking through his house and spotting multiple food bowls and feeding stations for their thirteen cats and seven dogs, he thought that his house was beginning to resemble a floofatorium.”

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