Flyfloof (floofinition) – 1. A small, lightweight housepet; 2. A bird pet; 3. A wingless quadruped who still thinks they can fly, or tries to fly.

In use: “At six pounds and twelve years old, Buddy was a flyfloof, but his vocal power rivaled anything Ella Fitzgerald ever belted out.”

Sunday’s Theme Music

38 Special began as a standard southern rock band. Their sound became more mainstream rock than the likes of Marshall Tucker, the Allman Brothbers, CDB, by their third album. I liked the transition. This song, “Hold On Loosely” (1981), epitomized the new sound. I offer it today because it’s stuck in my ear. While it’s a good song, it’s been looping in my stream for the last twelve hours. I need to get it out of there before I start screaming.

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