Floofpourri (floofinition) – 1. A mixture of odors usually associated with having one or more housepets. 2. A miscellaneous collection of items used by or for housepets.

In use: “A child’s old toy box had become a floofpourri, with collars and leashes peppering jingle balls, tennis balls, and fake mice and birds. Several of the housefloofs had a habit of getting out whatever they wanted. Briscoe always found and brought out her favorite catnip-stuffed mouse, and Lawyer retrieved his leash whenever he thought it was time to go for a walk.”

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  1. There was an awful floofpourri when I went into the garage this morning to clean the litter tray, not just because of said litter tray, but because the evil catkins had left a mouse next to it. I really hate cats when this happens.
    Floofpourri really has a nice ring to it! x

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