Vacflooflate (floofinition) – for a housepet to waver in mind, will, or feeling about going or staying in and out of somewhere.

In use: “The cat ran to do the door, but once it was open, he vacflooflated about going out or staying in.”


h/t to Facebook/The Greek Cat Society (UK) for photo.

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  1. My cat Vacflooflates all the time! I open the door because he wants to go out, he hesitates & looks at me; I start to close it, he gives me a death stare, then pretends to go out by lifting just one paw out the door, but changes his mind and continues to cover, uncertain as to whether he really wants to make that leap into the great known (aka the back garden) 😂

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  2. Great word! Mine are all to chicken to go outdoors and run under the sofa or upstairs whenever the door is opened, but they vacflooflate about other things, such as whether to use this litter box, or the other one, which of the three dishes to eat from, whether to unroll all the toilet paper, or only half of it … decisions, decisions!

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