Flooftigraphy (floofinition) – 1. Branch of floofology devoted to studying the layers of acquisitions of toys, foods, medicines, etc., to determine which were acquired during what floofnasty. 2. Study of the layers of pet food to identify the fur’s origins.

In use: “When her friend told her that she had white fur on her coat, surprise registered; employing her flooftigraphy training, she realized it had to be from StayPuft, the marshmallow white Spritz who passed away a decade before.”

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  1. Since all of ours now are basically the same colour, I am proposing a FNA (Floofino Nucleic Acid) test kit to determine specifically from which animal not only single hairs, but also such things as hairballs and the errant turd that turns up on the floor, came.

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