Cyber Monday

Others call it Cyber Monday, but I call it Writing Monday.

Writing Monday follows Writing Sunday. It’s the day before Writing Tuesday, and comes two days after Writing Saturday. Writing Friday precedes Writing Saturday, and falls after Writing Thursday, and two days after Writing Wednesday Eve.

Sometimes, to make it easier to say and follow, I call Writing Monday, Monday.

Likewise, every day is Coffee Day, but I call the days by their ISO 8601 standard week days, because the coffee is implied. Hell, in many cases, it’s expected. What’s a Monday without coffee?

As I have a full cuppa of hot java at hand, it’s time to edit and write like crazy, at least one more time.

5 thoughts on “Cyber Monday

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  1. I’ve come to realize that since I began to write, I drink a lot more coffee. But not just plain coffee, I have come to love Espresso. Should I be worried? The writing stress leading to an addition to caffeine? Which leads to jolts of writing for a couple of hours and paranoia of that Giant Size Elf on a Shelf my neighbor across the street has in her window? Should I switch to decaf? Ugh, one more Espresso it is! lol
    Michael your my inspiration, one day I hope to write as well as you……honestly, true story.

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    1. I enjoy espresso but I drink less coffee than I used to when I was working. When I write, I generally get a cup of coffee, take a sip or two, and begin. Then, an hour later, I realize that I still have almost a cup of coffee left.

      I’m flattered to inspire anyone. I’m sure that you’ll come to write much better than me. I look forward to that day. Write on! Cheers

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