He doesn’t like peas, and turns them down — of course. Who eats food that they don’t like, except children being forced to do so by parents, guardians, and caretakers? Or sick people being forced to eat something cuz it’s good for them? Or starving people who can’t be choosers? Okay, we’ll stipulate that exemptions exist. 

People often try to force them on them, as if some loop will suddenly change. He admits, only to himself, that, yes, it’s possible some loop will suddenly change, but to get to that point, he must eat peas, and he doesn’t wanna.

Others ask, why don’t you like peas? As if every decision stand on foundations of logic. As if he has a choice about everything. As if he fully understands the logic of why he doesn’t like peas, or he knows the fulcrum of the moment when he and peas parted ways — if they’d ever been together in the first place.

When asked about his refusal to eat peas, peas said, “Who?” And laughed.

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    1. No, I love peas. I was thinking about another person and their dislike of peas, but generally this was about the idea that we understand ourselves completely, or that we have choices about everything. We don’t, but it’s part of the big lie that’s sold to many of us as we mature.


      1. Yep, it will mask that horrid taste of cilantro and make it taste like alcohol. Which is wayyyy better than cilantro in my opinion. I’d rather go through what Ralphie did in a Christmas Story, I will sooner put a bar of Lifebuoy soap in my mouth than eat cilantro….

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