Thursday’s Theme Music

You know, sometimes, no matter what you do, you end up getting stuck somewhere where you don’t want to be. 

I’m happy to report that there’s a song for that, called, “Stuck in the Middle With You”, Stealers’ Wheel, 1973. I often think of Reservoir Dogs when I recall this song. Its bounciness, with Mr. Blonde (Michael Madsen) dancing around as he cut off another man’s ear and doused him in gasoline, offered an interesting counter-balance to the scene’s gritty intensity and violence. 

I guess I’m fortunate that when this song comes to mind at social gatherings, parties, or standing in lines at stores and airports, that nobody is cutting anything off of me.

3 thoughts on “Thursday’s Theme Music

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  1. I heard this song growing up with many of my male cousins washing their cars in the summer and blasting their music over their cassette players. They are much older than I am, but this song remained a peaceful and fond memory. That is, until Fruit of the Loom decided to use it in one of their commercials for women’s “comfortable” underwear being the premise. A laundry line of small colorful women’s thongs sliding across the line and then a plain white woman’s brief is shown at the end. After that commercial and subtly placed innuendo of the song, I can’t help but replace the memory I once had with the thought of colorful thongs sliding across the screen. I mean COME ON!! It’s only one of many songs that have been ruined by commercials for me, most recently is the song from The Outfield “Your Love” being used in a horrible Bounce dryer sheet commercial, ugh the songmanity……

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    1. Wow, I’ve not seen those commercials, but I tend to zone them out of my awareness. I zone them out because they sell crap and ruin good things, like the music that we love, as you note. Damn commercials. They’re the scourge of civilization.

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