Floofeiture (floofinition) – the loss or giving up of something to a pet, most often in reference to furniture, but also used in connection with food.

In use: “Finally admitting the he needed to get up to pee, he reluctantly did so, knowing that doing so meant floofeiture to one of the animals waiting to take his seat. If he had to bet on it, he would say the corgi would win.”


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  1. Food, furniture, that fleece-lined flannel jacket you bought just last week… So many things to floofeit to the floofs, and you’re (usually) more-or-less willing to do it, ’cause they’re so cute sitting there atop your fleece-lined jacket that you left in your favorite spot on the sofa next to the plate on which you could have sworn you left some Pringles potato chips just moments ago.

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    1. LOL – hear, hear. Amazing how they gravitate to clothing taken off or set down to be put on, or shoes… We once had a floof that stole our powdered donuts. The white residue on her shiny black paws and face gave her away.

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