Floofoween (floofinition) – annual holiday when people dress up their pets and request tricks in exchange for treats. It often doesn’t go well.

In use: “Having dressed his black cat in a devil’s outfit for Floofoween, Teddy kept trying to coax the cat into doing tricks in exchange for treats, but he set the bag of treats down, and Sebastian the cat seized it with its teeth and dashed into another room and under the bed with his prize.”

Monday’s Theme Music

This song started streaming into my head this morning. Part of my Bay Area experience, when I lived at Moffett, Mountain View, or Half Moon Bay, this song was on repeat for a while for my daily commute.

I enjoy its soft beginning:

Drivin’ faster in my car
Falling farther, from just what we are
Smoke a cigarette, and lie some more, these conversations kill
Falling faster in my car
Time to take her home, her dizzy head is conscience laden

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Yes, “Big Empty”, STP, 19whatever.


He’s a smile in fur,

a presence in purr,

a weight on your legs,

and a sweetie who begs.

He’s a whiskered shadow,

on your pillow,

and a paw beside you,

trying to guide you.

He’s a mighty hunter,

scared of thunder,

quick as light,

and quiet as night.

He’s a song and a feeling,

a world and a being,

and a time and place,

touching your face.

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