Just A Warning

You should look at my photograph and memorize it. Then, if you’re ever out somewhere and see me in line, whether I’m in a car or on foot, DO NOT GET IN THE SAME LINE AS ME. My presence in the line guarantees that the people in the line ahead of me and the cashier will all slow down. Tiny issues will take place to stall the completion of their transactions while I’m in the line. Once I’m through, everything will be okay, but while I’m in the line, people will flash through the other lines so fast, your head will spin.

You’ve been warned.


8 thoughts on “Just A Warning

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  1. I think you or your twin was in my line today. And I always thought it was “Me” because I usually choose the shortest line which doesn’t move very fast at all. In fact, today it felt as if I was in a single car lane, inching painfully slow through road construction. . .or worse!

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  2. This is like my husband and I at a buffet reception. You don’t want to sit at our table because invariably, our table number comes up last, and the trays that hold the best food selections have only a few measly crumbs left.

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    1. Exactly what triggered this today. Three lines. One person in the middle line. Three people in the other two. The middle line person is paying with a check, but it looks like it’s wrapping up. That’s the line for me!

      But no. There is something about membership numbers, telephone numbers, missing glasses and the inability to see what’s being done…people came and went in the other lines. The lines were never empty but they were fast. It was so tempting to move. But I knew that if I did, they’d be immediately done in the middle line, and whatever poor line I moved to would have a register meltdown or something.

      I guess it’s in our blood, nan.


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