Floofcon (2)

Floofcon (2) (catfinition) – a cat’s alert and warning system, demonstrated by its body language and posture, whiskers, tail, and eyes. Floofcons range from Floofcon 5 (normal state) to Floofcon 1 (the highest state of alert and readiness. Wider eyes generally indicate a higher Floofcon, with a bushy tail indicating that at least Floofcon 2 has been ordered.

In use: “A young cat who’d lived on the streets, his default Floofcon was four. Like the old Strategic Air Command (SAC), this cat was always on some state of higher alert, and often went from Floofcon 4 to Floofcon 2 in seconds, driven to a Floofcon change by a sudden loud noise or, more reliably, the appearance of another cat.”

See Floofcon for other uses of the word.


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    1. Catalogists have two theories on this. One, cats do exercise Floofcons to stay sharp. However, they also engage in misinformation and disinformation campaigns to keep others guessing about their intentions, knowledge, and capabilities.

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