Wednesday’s Theme Music

Although I’m generally a rocker who likes the blues and drifts toward radio music, I’ve been streaming “Ladies’ Night” in my head this week. The impact came from its inclusion in GLOW. 

Released in 1979 by Kool and the Gang, I think of “Ladies’ Night” as a disco era staple. More, I thought it captured the essence of that times’ club partying sensibilities. Ladies’ Night was a promotional event to draw in more women by giving them special deals. With more women, more men would be attracted to the club, right? Sure, it’s like honey for bees.

“Ladies’ Night” played to all of that, calling out romantic lady, single baby,  and sophisticated mama.  These were the people at the disco, right? Come on out, ladies, it’s your night. I regret the song didn’t also address the weary student and hard worker. They were the true partiers.

Besides all of that, I always like the lines, “If you hear any noise, it ain’t the boys, it’s ladies’ night.” Always makes me smile.



Timbukmew (catfinition) – legendary lost city in central Africa, said to be where the first house cats appeared and began their rule.

In use: “Although many insist that Timbukmew was a city built by humans, some mewthologists now suggest that cats are from another planet, and Timbukmew was their initial landing zone. This theory — or mewth — goes on to suggest that the felines began purring, drawing humans to the site and enslaving them.”


Mewthology (catfinition) – an allegorical narrative focused on the origins of house cats and their influence over humanity and the Earth.

In use: “While studying Egyptian mewthology, one is struck by how quickly cats seemed to have risen in stature in society. Some mewthologists believe this points to a period when cats purred more powerfully, enabling the felines to establish a telepathic connection with humans, which let the cats control the humans.”


Whiskercise (catfinition) – an exercise program popular among house pets, especially cats, made popular by Miz Jane, a calico cat, in the 1980s. Whiskercise focuses on leisurely stretching when standing up, long naps, and sudden but short bursts of activity.

In use: “Devotees of whiskercise like to spring up and dash forward for several feet before stretching and settling down for a new nap. According to the whiskercise protocol, this enhances the cat’s natural beauty and increases longevity. Some whiskercise proponents have claimed to live more than nine lives, with one, a one hundred twenty-one year old tortie, claiming to have lived twelves lives.”

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