Floofography (catfinition) – An account of a pet’s life, often a cat, written or produced by another (usually a human).

In use: “A floofography about the famous floof star, Mew Collins, was released last week. Mew Collins, a domestic shorthair rocker , had several songs that charted well during his career, including “You’re In the Bathroom (And I Need to Get In)”, “Ashley”, “Catnip”, and that cat anthem, “Touch My Tummy (If You Dare)”.”


Tuesday’s Theme Music

Once again, it’s time for Dirty Cello to perform at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival Green Show.

Once again, it’s in danger of being canceled due to unhealthy air from wildfire smoke. If it’s cancelled, this will be year three.

I’ve previously posted Dirty Cello playing “Rock You Like A Hurricane” and “Sweet Child of Mine”. Needing a fix, I dialed up a few songs and selected “Purple Haze” to share on this Thursday.

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