Lucfloofbration (catfinition) – a cat’s intense study of an object, being, or situation.

In use: “The jay landed just outside the open window with a flutter of wings and a sharp squawk. The three cats turned as one and entered lucfloofbration of the bird on the branch beyond the screen.”

Sunday’s Theme Music

First, I like the band’s name: Panic! At the Disco. Cracks me up.

I’m enjoying their song, “Say Amen (Saturday Night)”. Featuring a rousing, partying chorus, the song temporarily restores my youth. I can imagine being young and singing, “I pray for the wicked on the weekend, mama, can I get another amen?¬†Oh, oh, it’s Saturday night, yeah.”

Although, for the sake of honesty, my primary party night used to be Thursday night when I was a young, working adult. A study came out later that confirmed my impression that Thursday night was the party night of the period. But really, I don’t think it sounds so well to be singing, “Can I get another amen? Oh, oh, it’s Thursday night.” Be like singing that the house cleaning is finished.

I also like the song’s remaining lyrics. So, although it’s Sunday morning in the continental U.S., let’s give it up for Saturday night.

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