Another Charles Said

I laughed when I saw this quote. I’m always chasing details to get everything to fit together, and worry that I’ve missed some.


Some know the feelings of exertion

the rivulets of sweat plastering hair to head

and clothes to bodies

the film on skin

the drops running off nose and chin

and revel in the results of their efforts

wearing it like emotions on a sleeve


Some shun this sweat

hiding in air-conditioning and shade

fanning themselves against heat

flinching back from the sweaty

noses turned up in disapproval

mouths twisted with disgust

at the others’ sweaty presence

as though their sweat is unnatural



Sometimes, someone mentioned something that I did or said, and I respond, quite intelligently, “What? I did?” Then I’m required to think back, struggling through the murkiness of memory to determine if they were right. What’s weird is how it sometimes feels like I’m rewinding a tape, going backwards in my head until the moment springs up and provides me with the Eureka moment.

Happened a few nights ago when someone said that I’d mentioned a book and the movie made from the book. After rewinding, I came across the point when I’d mentioned Freakonomics to him.



Floofalert (catfinition) – the sound that a cat makes, warning you that something is about to happen. Floofalerts are categorized in related activities, such as puking, fighting, and tearing up the house.

In use: “He’d heard a sound. Stilling, he sat up straight. Yes, a floofalert! One of the cats was puking. It sounded nearby.

“Putting his head down, he closed his eyes. He’d need to be careful and watch where he stepped when he got up in the morning.

“And then he realized that he had to pee.”

Friday’s Theme Music

On this day, they remind us, Live Aid took place in 1985.

Yes, children, I remember the event, but I believe I didn’t watch it, as I was living in tent city in Egypt as part of Bright Star 85.

In honor of that event, I’m streaming the Boomtown Rats’ “I Don’t Like Mondays”. It’s perfect for Friday, because Monday is always lurking.

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