Donald Said



“July,” he whispered. “Feel the passing year’s cold breath breathing down your neck?”

He flicked it aside. “It’s just time. It’s just air. It’s nothing that matters.”

Then he resumed writing like crazy.

It was all that mattered.

What the doctor ordered

Just what the doctor ordered,

none of them could say.

He said a lot about this and that,

if and then, but and why,

adding, “It depends on what the insurance pays.”

Then he bounded out of the room,

as he told them, “Have a good stay.”

Just what the doctor ordered,

became more bewildering throughout the day.


She doesn’t know who first called her Seven. She knows that’s who she is. They all have the same name because they think of themselves as the same person, even though they know that they’re different.

She exists everywhere, but there are only seven of them, so she only exists in seven places and times at once. The seven were certain that there were no more than them.

When we say everywhere, we refer to every dimension, and every time and place. Only one of the seven are ever there. Only one person there can see and communicate with her when she visits someplace. It may not be the same person if and when she returns to a place.

She has been the same age during all of her existence. She has no memory of a beginning, and she wonders if she has an end. The seven of them have their own minds and memories, and they can talk to one another, regardless of where they are. None of them have ever died, that any of them ever knew, and she really doesn’t know how she looks. She’s never seen her reflection.

Other than those things, she’s just like everyone else, except she’s happier.

She’s Seven.

Panda Floof

Panda Floof (catfinition) – a black and white cat that looks like a panda bear.

In use: “Looking out the window during a pause, he spied a cat making its way across the street toward his house. As the cat reached the sidewalk, it turned and paused, revealing its resemblance to a panda floof.”


a twinge

becomes an ache

an ache grows into a throb

the throb develops as a relentless pain


the pain

becomes a fear

the fear grows into a concern

the concern develops as a constant worry


the worry

becomes a visit

the visit grows into a routine of meds

the meds develop as a constancy of life


the life

becomes a bore

the bore grows into apathy

the apathy develops as a decision


the decision

becomes a moment

the moment grows into a goal

the goal develops as an ending

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