Walt Said

Yes, write like crazy and ride the wave of words and ideas. Then edit and revise.

The Drag Rag

the things you see

the things you hear

tear your heart out

and cast you down


you try to hide

and shy away

but it’s always there

it’s all around


you think and ask

do you believe that’s right

doesn’t it bother you

can’t you hear those sounds


they look back at you

with surprise

like you’re a creature

from another time


then they nod and wink

and smiling like a clown


they say


“The stock market’s up

the economy’s fine

you’ll be happy if you get in line

what more can you want

for your life

but the newest stuff

at a low, low price

just smile and nod

or walk away


you’reĀ the drag.”

that’s what they say


Floofcation (catfinition) – taking a break to sit with one or more cats to relax and recover your equilibrium. The term is also coming to be adopted by people taking time away from everything else to be with their dogs.

In use: “Weary with the depressing political news, he took a floofcation, sitting on a chair and petting his cat , letting the cat’s purrs vibrate through his body.”

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