Flooftch (catfinition) – stretching out in repose with all limbs extended in a flat position, giving an appearance of being melted down and pooled on the ground, generally done when a cat is very relaxed, warm, or both.

In use: “With the temperature reaching over one hundred degrees for a third day, the cats all flootched and napped. It looked so comfortable that he threw himself on the bed under an air-conditioning vent and flooftched as well.”

Sarah Said

I so agree with this quote. I expended several years finding my quiet place. Because of the classic stereotype, I thought that it was an office in my house with a desk and a typewriter. When that failed to satisfy my writing desires, I bought notebooks and pens and haunted coffee shops. The next step in my writing evolution was to walk to the writing location to clear my mind of non-writing and re-focus on my writing efforts. The last step was to take my laptop with me and forego the pens and notebooks (although I always have one of each with me). The coffee shop is noisy with business, music, and conversations, but it’s free from the interference and incursions of writing at home.

It took years, but the result is worth it. If you want to write, don’t just do what others are doing; find what works for you. 

Saturday’s Theme Music


I fall into the screaming guitar, thundering drums, and driving bass preferences for rock — or rock and roll, what have you. I’m not thinking about or debating the genres and sub-genres, or rock and roll’s changes across the decades. I know that’s all out there. I’m just talkin’ basics about what I like. Yet, words always draw me in. When you get a band that has the first three elements with interesting words and delivery, I buy.

But this song is mostly about the words. It’s a laid-back song, which is fine. Mellow music has its place. The song’s rhythm and tone invite me to kick back and relax. The lyrics, though, have passages that I think, yeah, I could be speaking those words to someone, or someone could be telling them to me.

The song begins,

I used to hurry a lot, I used to worry a lot
I used to stay out till the break of day
Oh, that didn’t get it
It was high time I quit it
I just couldn’t carry on that way

Later, they ask and conclude,

Did you do it for love?
Did you do it for money?
Did you do it for spite?
Did you think you had to, honey?

Who is gonna make it?
We’ll find out in the long run
(In the long run)

h/t to AZLyrics.com

Here is Eagles with “The Long Run” from 1979.


Deflooftarized Zone

Deflooftarized Zone (catfinition)- the areas of a house, typically including counters and tables, where cats are not permitted; the space between cats that they maintain to spy upon one another.

In use: “Establishing a triangle with their bodies as the angles, the ginger, tuxedo, and black cat with a white diamond watched one another. Only the mellow little black-pawed long-haired cat passed through the deflooftarized zone.”

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