Floofus Interruptus

Floofus Interruptus (catfinition) – a break in uniformity or continuity attributable to a cat’s behavior or intercession.

In use: “With floofus interruptus (a cat on the lap trying to rub against his hands), the planned typing required one hour vice ten minutes.”


4 thoughts on “Floofus Interruptus

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  1. And that is why I don’t post nearly as often. After years of not sitting on my lap, Flash suddenly demands my lap (and my attention, but that is a given as all cats know that they are gods) and writing goes out the window until she decides she has had enough.

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    1. Yes, one of the big reasons I don’t write at home, as well. A feline representative is apparently selected each day. Their mission is to keep me from typing at home. Quinn is today’s representative.


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