Effloofuence (catfinition) – a substance that flows out of a cat.

In use: “Sometimes the cats shed so much, he thought of it more as a constant effloofuence, rather then individual strands falling from their bodies.”

Editing Note: “Affloofuent” and “effloofuence” are often confused for one another, but their catfinitions are significantly different.

Sunday’s Theme Music

This is a long time favorite. I hope I’ve not shared it before. If I have, suffer.

Let’s listen to CCR, sometimes more formally known as Creedence Clearwater Revival, and their song, “Bad Moon Rising,” from 1969. I like this, too, for the mondegreen, where, “There’s a bad moon on the rise,” is sometimes heard as “There’s a bath room on the right.” I’ve been known to propagate the misheard lyric and assure people those are the corrects words.



Affloofuent (catfinition) – having an abundance of cats.

In use: “Besides being a reader, writer, and beer-drinker, and beer-drinking, he’s an affloofuent individual, with multiple cats lounging close at hand during all times and activities.”

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