Some days, when I sit down to write, the words flood out. Other times, they come with a gentle patience, like a flower’s petals unfolding, but with a little more speed.

They’re both enjoyable means to an end.

Monday’s Theme Music

Another loopback to my early teen years. Donovan’s music, with its psychedelic, flower-power, folk-rock influences and sounds. I stream several of his songs in my head, sometimes slipping into whole albums. Today, though, I’m stuck on “Hurdy Gurdy Man.” You can imagine how the repetitive words and guitars can mesmerize someone like me, who seems attracted to such noises. Such sounds were especially enticing to me when I was twelve, when I theoretically first heard this song on AM radio. I have no clear memory of the first time I heard it, only that I enjoy all those “hurdy gurdy” and “roly poly” lyrics.

So I’m posting “Hurdy Gurdy Man,” today, but not with an eye toward stopping its looping. It fits in well with my mood, and I’m pleased to have its company.

Well, for now.

Flooftatis Flooftandis

Flooftatis Flooftandis (catfinition) – changes made to a previous situation to address the cat’s needs.

In use: “Whereas the bedroom was elegantly designed and arranged, flooftatis flooftandis appeared in the forms of a litter box, food and water bowls, and a carpeted climbing tree.”

Jet Floof

Jet Floof (catfinition) – outflanking movement cats employ. Running a wide arc around the outside of others, they turn on the jets to get ahead of the situation.

In use: “Quinn hurried around the couch, and then, in classic jet floof fashion, he raced ahead to the feeding bowls.”

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