Makes You Think, Don’t It?

“I am not a crook.” (Nixon, on Nixon)

“I never had sex with that woman.” (Clinton, about Monica Lewinsky)

“It could last six days, six weeks. I doubt six months.” (Rumsfeld, about war in Iraq)

“I am a very stable genius.” (Trump, on Trump)

The Insights

Don’t you love it when you’re writing or working on a problem, and you stop because you’re uncertain about what to do next, and then, as you’re doing something else, it hits you, *bam*, and you get so excited about the insights that you want to immediately get back to it?

Yes, it’s a great feeling, but all too rare.


Infloofxicate (catfinition) – to excite or stupefy by a cat’s behavior or presence to the point where control and intentions are markedly diminished.

In use: “Rocky’s wild antics trying to capture the laser dot infloofxicated Mark, and he fell behind with his plans.”

Sunday’s Theme Music

They – the omnipotent, omniscient, slightly mysterious and ill-defined ‘they’ – say that the best way to rid yourself of an earworm is to pass it on. That’s what I plan to do today.

On the other hand, I said to myself, perhaps I’m part of a chain. I’m streaming an old song – hell, I was six years old when it became a hit – but the fates put the song there knowing that I’d post about it to rid myself of it. There’s no earthly reason for streaming this song. It just popped into my head. It’s not my sort of music, and I don’t own, and never have, owned an album by these performers.

But maybe someone out there needs to hear this song. I don’t know. How this whole thing called life works is almost as complex as “A Game of Thrones”, or the definition of a catch in the N.F.L.

Here we go, with the Lettermen, from 1962, with “Turn Around, Look At Me.” Others have done it and had hits with it, but this version is the one looping in my stream.


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