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Monday’s Theme Song

I can play the what-if? game with any subject. Not hard. A reflective exercise, it can be fun, and it’s helpful when writing fiction.┬áMostly, the game is about wondering how things would have changed if this or that hadn’t happened.

Janis Joplin died in 1970 of a heroin overdose. She was twenty-seven. She would have turned seventy-five this week. She achieved much in a short life. Playing what-if?, you can imagine how much more she might have done.

On the positive side, she was a person who’s celebrated and remembered. Too many people die and have no one playing the what-if? game with their life. Too many die too young for vain causes or absurd reasons. Of course, it’s death, and we all die. The reasons for our death is a lot of feed for what-if?

In case you’re wondering….

Following the news cycles and stories, I saw that a volcano erupted in the Philippines. This eruption followed a recent eruption in Papua New Guinea, one threatening in Indonesia, and some quakes around Mount St. Helens, I thought that there seems to be a lot of volcanic activity going on. A search revealed a site that tracks these matters.

So, in case you were were wondering, as I was, about volcanic activity and how normal this is, here’s a place where you can track the activity.

Just a little more to think about.

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