Tuesday’s Theme Music

Had to hunt this song down.

I was reading the news today (oh, boy), and parts of this song came back to me. After trying and failing to remember more of it as I walked, I finally sat down and googled some remembered lyrics.


In honor of the POTUS and his administration, here is TMBG with “Doctor Evil,” from “Austin Powers.”

Settling In

So I settle in with coffee and thoughts, expecting to think away, type away, imagine away. I imagine I’ll be here a while, so see you later.

Time to write like crazy, at least one more time.


Floofopoeia (catfinition) –¬†creating new words about cats and their habits and relationships, usually with humans, by using existing words and modifying one or more syllables to be some form of cat, feline, meow, floof, or other synonyms for cats.

In use: “Floofopoeia, a modification of phanopoeia, is itself a floofopoeia.”

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