Thursday’s Wandering Thought

Petting his cat, he said, “That’s my sweet baby.”

Never mind that the cat is about seven years old, so he’s no longer a baby, but middle-aged. It’s not about the math, anyway. We all know that when it comes to our floofs.

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  1. It’s all relative. One of my cats (a different breed) is twice the size of the other, so I sometimes call him Lump, but compared to me – I’m a whole pile of lumps – I sometimes call him ‘Little One.’
    When my 13-year-old is getting social and sucky – more often, now that he’s as stiff and sore as me – I call him Kitten. It’s a good thing that I don’t speak Cat, fluently – I’ve managed ‘food, water, and dope catnip. I hate to think what they call ME. 🙄

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