Parfloofsi (floofinition) – a strategy game played by housepets. Based on superior senses and knowledge that animals have that humans don’t begin to approach, there’s no sense trying to define the game’s rules and objectives to people.

In use: “As soon as Michael rose from bed, Papi, Tucker, and Boo began a game of parfloofsi, staying in one place and watching one another as he called them, expecting to feed them. None came for food; the parfloofsi was too gripping for the cats to eat.”

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  1. There’s a similar game described in some cat-themed YA novels by Diane Duane, but (I think) mostly that game is about each cat choosing a position and posture that allows them to see the most other cats while remaining as unseen as possible. The game you’re describing seems to require all cats to be visible to one another.

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    1. That’s interesting. I’ll hunt that down. As far as the game I’m describing, you seem to be right, but that’s only for this stage of the game. I believe the number of stages are 9 to the power of the games present (in this case, three), nine cubed.

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