Floofduggery (floofinition) – a housepet’s underhanded or unscrupulous behavior.

In use: “Jade at first hid from the new puppy, growling and hissing if it made the slightest sign of taking an interest in her. But when he went to sleep, she employed floofduggery to sneak up on him, and then swat him three times on the nose. As he yelped in surprised, she strolled away, satisfied that her point was made.”


Monday’s Theme Music

Another rejection last night. That always opens a darkside vein, for a bit, at least. I pondered the usual of whys and hows for an hour, slept on it and sluiced through some dreams. Then I arose this morning, told myself onward, and started humming this old classic to myself.

Oh lordy lord, oh lordy lord
It hurts me so bad, for us to part
But someday baby, I ain’t gonna worry my life anymore

“Worried Life Blues” have has been sung and played for decades. I’ve heard many performers do this song, but I went with B.B. King and Eric Clapton, two musicians I admire and enjoy. This version is from Riding with the King (2000). I especially love King’s deep, emphatic style on this song.

Pour a cup of something and listen with me. Sing along, if you’re so moved. Enjoy the day.


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