Sunday’s Theme Music

Gonna tell you a story

About a woman I know.

When it comes to lovin’

She steals the show.

Ain’t exactly pretty,

Ain’t exacty small.

Forty-two, thirty-nine, fifty-six,

You could say she’s got it all.

Yes, it’s time for a little AC/DC live. I like the live show’s energy. As for the song, I like that they’re singing about a big woman, and they like her for her bigness, along with other matters. 

As a side comment, I want to note that I wanted those lyrics to be one paragraph, and single-space. WordPress didn’t agree and imposed its will. I reverted to Word, wrote it out, started a new doc, and pasted it in. 

And WordPress imposed its will about how it thinks it should like, which pisses me off. So I went back to Classic editor 

And guess what? Yeah. They’re making me work too hard for just a little post.

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