Rebel, Rebel

As I was dressing today, I decided to wear brown shoes.

Like many people — not — my shoes choice drives my attire. As my grandmother used to say, “Start at the feet, and dress up.” (She didn’t.)

Season, weather, and plans drive my shoe choice. I’ve found that I’m uncomfortable in sandals in the fall and winter, usually because the day starts out nippy and doesn’t get warm. I’m not much of a sandal person anyway. 

Which takes me to the brown shoes. 

Once I decided to wear brown shoes, the pants and shirt were easy, since it was cool, forty degrees, sunny, with sixty-two degrees anticipated as the high. Since I was wearing brown shoes, I needed a brown belt, right?

Time out. Wait. Hang on. 

Why did I need a brown belt?

Because that’s how I’ve been socialized, normalized, and conditioned. Brown shoes, brown belt. I heard it from Mom, wife, girlfriends, and others. It’s like, why? WTF difference does it make? 

So guess what this rebel did?

If you guessed that I put on black shoes and a black belt, you’re wrong. I’m wearing a black belt with brown shoes. 

Yeah, pretty far out, right?

I’m such a rebel.


3 thoughts on “Rebel, Rebel

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  1. Omg! You daredevil, your fashion choices are so progressive. Lol
    I can’t do that, I’m too OCD to not wear shoes and belts the same color. But I can wear a black and white dress with suede red heels. But then again all my boys tell my I’m like five years behind all fashion trends. But meh, what do they know they wear Steelers jerseys thinking it’s formal attire. 🤣

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    1. It was a weird battle to wear different colored shoes and belts. I’ve not had any problems with wearing unmatched socks.

      Hey, Steelers jerseys are the perfect attire for any situation. I’m still hopeful they can win the Superbowl this year, but it’s been a painful adventure again this year.

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      1. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking the Steelers, I am after all a die hard lifelong fan. But it’s one thing to show up at your mom’s graduation ceremony wearing a tuxedo t-shirt, bow tie printed on it with the Steelers logo….in black, yellow and white when I told to “dress up nice”. True story. lol


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