Wednesday’s Theme Music

Wednesday touched down in the valley. 6.15.2022, aka 15.6.2022, 2022.6.15, and 2022.15.6

It’ll be 82 F today in the valley. The sun has been warming up and stretching, saying, “I’m gonna shine today.” 52 F now but it’s a fiery 52 in the sun’s grasp, but cool, almost cold in the shadow. We have no discernible but a few strung out cirrus boys and girls lazing across the high blue bowl. The tops of the all the mountains are visible. Sunshine illuminates and limns pines and oaks, maples and firs. The sun’s segment began at 5:32 AM and will proceed to 8:48 PM.

My wife inspired today’s music. She was in the recliner and said, “Okay, get up, move your feet,” and then rattled off the things she must do before going to bed. Well, the neurons tuned her out a soon as they heard her first words, filing my mental music stream with KISS and “Detroit Rock City”. A good friend was from Detroit — still is, I suppose. We met when we were assigned together in California. Now I’m in Oregon and he’s in Virginia. We keep in touch. He’s a solid person, friendly, trustworthy, honest, intelligent, and loyal. When this song came on, his mind would excuse him from the conversation and situation. His head would bob, lips moving. He was on a stage somewhere, guitar in hand, a rock god before thousands of people. Don’t we all of certain generations have a song which takes us to that dream?

Of course not! Some never dream of that, they say. And they give their reasons. But the rest of us have our fantasies and dreams.

The song remains in the morning mental music stream, but it’s a good one for this hot day, this day of promise that shouts, well, “Get up! Everybody’s gonna move their feet.” Stay positive, test negative, brew coffee, drink coffee, etc. I know I will. See you on the downlow, if I find it.

Let’s rock.

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