Thursday’s Theme Music

Today is 3.23.23. It’s a Thursday, hazy with spring clouds, wet with spring moisture, cool with spring temps. 42 F now, looking for 51 F later. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it higher. The systems have been underestimating our high temperatures in March. Sunrise sprang in on us at 7 AM. I wasn’t quite ready to be all light up but that’s nature. Meridian is 1:10 PM while sunset is at 7:20 PM.

For some reason, or maybe many reasons, the housefloofs demanded additional attention this AM. Of course they’re given focus before they’re fed. House rules, which the floofs wrote and signed. I wasn’t even consulted. They were just, these are the rules, and presented ’em, a floof accompli. Wasn’t with this floof set. The house rules were put in place decades ago by our first house floofs. Others have carried them on. So, besides the pre-eating attention (I think it was the second or third breakfast), each came back and said, “I need a little more attention before I go wash and nap.”

Today’s theme music was released in 1976. The band is Aerosmith, the album is Rocks. The song is “Nobody’s Fault”. It’s a hard rocker best heard at high vol, one of those songs that has you head beating and singing the lyrics. It’s an angry sounding song. Some of my favorite lyrics:

Lord I must be dreaming
What else could this be
Everybody’s screaming
Running for the sea
Holy lands are sinking
Birds take to the sky
The prophets are all stinking drunk
I know the reason why


Houston, we have coffee at hand. Stay pos and best the day and its tricks and pranks. Here’s the beats. Cheers

Friday’s Theme Music

Daylight come and Friday begin. We all know Friday began much earlier than dawn or sunrise. Sunrise staked its moment at 7:39 AM. Daylight plans to hold on until 6:10 PM. Speaking personally — I’m not sure how else to speak, unless I’m speaking for the cats — the sunlight brings warmth and light and I enjoy its presence.

It is October 28, 2022. We’ll see how this day falls out in future history books. Musk bought Twitter so this day could be one marked for the books. Inflation is falling, so that might also show up as part of history. Who knows?

It’s 39 degrees F in my world section, not as cold as some places, not as warm as others. It’ll be 61 by daylight’s end. I have “Devil Woman” by Cliff Richards (1976) in the morning mental music stream. This came about from a dream. Absolutely everything was going wrong in it. As my irritation and frustration reached epic levels in the dream, someone came about to tell me, “Don’t worry. You were under a curse so we gave you a pass.” There’s more to it but I might share the dream in another post. Don’t want to spoil things here, ha, ha.

Anyway, after awakening and going through this dream, The Neurons responded with “Devil Woman”. I don’t think I’ve heard it in a long, long time, as opposed to just a long time.

Hold on. There will be a brief break in the posting process while the Tucker gets his mouse love. He must rub his face against my hand as it sits on the mouse every morning and evening. It’ll be just a few minutes…

Okay, where was I? Reading, reading… Okay, as I was writing, I’ve not heard this song in a long time so The Neurons’ choice surprised me. I suppose that reading about the Salem witch trials a few days ago may have caused some subconscious connections. I checked out several videos of Richards performing the song. No band or backup… He doesn’t move his feet much, either, but quite expressive with his hand in his stagecraft. It represents the era, 1976, well, though. Like, love those bell bottoms.

Alright, remain positive and test negative. I have a cat beating at the door. I told Papi not to go out because it’s chilly and he no like the cold, but he insisted. Now he insists, time to get back in the house. So I’ll let him in and then get his coffee, I mean, my coffee, and eat breakfast, drink coffee, and peruse the news to see what they’ll say about Friday, October 28, 2022, in the future. Here’s the music. Cheers

Monday’s Theme Music

Monday muscled into the morning, declaring, “Ready or not, I am here.”

It’s October 17, 2022. Half of October has fled under the bridge and over the horizon of the past. But they tell us the past doesn’t really exist once it’s done; really, all the previous days have evaporated, except for what we hold in our minds.

After reaching 95 F yesterday, half a dozen degrees higher than prepared for, today will drop into the upper seventies, maybe striking 80 (26 C). It’s a clear enough sky for it. Nothing but blue from my vantage. Trees have at last begun shifting colors here. Local leaves are mostly going gold or yellow.

Monday’s sunrise tiptoed in at 7:26 this morning like it had a hangover. Sunset will come at 6:26 this evening, just eleven hours later. Next Sunday, we ‘fall back’ in most of the U.S., resetting our clocks to be an hour later, part of a hugely debated bi-annual ritual adopted as law last century.

The Neurons were spying on me this morning. No surprise, right? The tiny peckerheads often do. Going about the usuals needed to void my body and begin to re-assume form and manners for being among humans, I found myself examining a memory about meeting a man. After carefully checking it to see where it came from, I realized it was from a dream – ‘we’d met each other in a dream.’ Case closed, I decided, but the dream was suddenly so vivid.

Well, The Neurons heard ‘we’d me each other in a dream’ and called up Heart and “Magic Man” (1976) for the morning mental music stream. It’s been going over and over in an endless loop, kind of like how phone calls and meetings take place on Monday. Chuckle, chuckle.

So that’s the theme music for this October Monday. Stay positively oriented and negatively tested when it comes to COVID and its variants and the flu. It is definitely coffee time for me. I’m positive about it. Here’s Ann and Nancy and the band with their song. Cheers

Saturday’s Theme Music

July 23 of 2022 turned out to be a Saturday. Sunrise took place while I still prowled dreamland at 5:55 AM. More likely to witness sunset at 8:39 PM. July is preparing to conduct a peaceful transfer of power to August.

Sunshine rules again, giving us some hot air. 90 F will be our high while it’s a pleasant and comfortable 19 C at the moment. Lovely to stand out in the sun with hot coffee, watching the feline masters grooming as cool hair bathes me.

World news scans gave a bleak assessment of life in 2022. Disasters, death, and killing fill the stories. Guess those are a significant part of life. I wanted something lighter in my mind. The damn Neurons didn’t comply. I just reading a novel called Fools and Mortals about William and Richard Shakespeare and the plays Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The primary story focused on Richard Shakespeare, a player in Shakespeare’s company, his love life and poverty, his relationship with his brother, stolen manuscripts, and politics. Perhaps the novel’s story still circulated around the neural pathways as The Neurons filled the morning mental music stream with “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” from 1976 by Blue Oyster Cult. The song has lyrics which go, “Romeo and Juliet are together for eternity.” The way my neurons go about business, of course the song would need to be brought up after reading a book mentioning them, of course! It’s as natural an order as sunrise and sunset, a thought which cues The Neurons to begin “Sunrise, Sunset” from Fiddler on the Roof.

Let’s get out of here. Stay positive and test negative, masking as needed, etc. I’ve already procured and consumed some coffee, so here’s the music. Enjoy.

More cowbell. Peace out.

Wednesday’s Theme Music

Wednesday touched down in the valley. 6.15.2022, aka 15.6.2022, 2022.6.15, and 2022.15.6

It’ll be 82 F today in the valley. The sun has been warming up and stretching, saying, “I’m gonna shine today.” 52 F now but it’s a fiery 52 in the sun’s grasp, but cool, almost cold in the shadow. We have no discernible but a few strung out cirrus boys and girls lazing across the high blue bowl. The tops of the all the mountains are visible. Sunshine illuminates and limns pines and oaks, maples and firs. The sun’s segment began at 5:32 AM and will proceed to 8:48 PM.

My wife inspired today’s music. She was in the recliner and said, “Okay, get up, move your feet,” and then rattled off the things she must do before going to bed. Well, the neurons tuned her out a soon as they heard her first words, filing my mental music stream with KISS and “Detroit Rock City”. A good friend was from Detroit — still is, I suppose. We met when we were assigned together in California. Now I’m in Oregon and he’s in Virginia. We keep in touch. He’s a solid person, friendly, trustworthy, honest, intelligent, and loyal. When this song came on, his mind would excuse him from the conversation and situation. His head would bob, lips moving. He was on a stage somewhere, guitar in hand, a rock god before thousands of people. Don’t we all of certain generations have a song which takes us to that dream?

Of course not! Some never dream of that, they say. And they give their reasons. But the rest of us have our fantasies and dreams.

The song remains in the morning mental music stream, but it’s a good one for this hot day, this day of promise that shouts, well, “Get up! Everybody’s gonna move their feet.” Stay positive, test negative, brew coffee, drink coffee, etc. I know I will. See you on the downlow, if I find it.

Let’s rock.

Friday’s Theme Music

6:00 AM is when the sunlight began today, Friday, May 6, 2022. The rain has fallen away after a sequence of light showers throughout yesterday, but more is being projected for today. Our temperature is 61 F and the high will be about 67. Sunset will take place at 8:15 PM

Even with all this rain, our reservoir situation remains dire. Although Reed Reservoir, which directly serves Ashland, is 100% full, the remaining area reservoirs remain at about 20%. Not good. Water year precipitation is still lower than normal and lower than needed. 90 of the state remains in drought condition. The snowpack levels are erratic and uneven. Part of what will happen to the water levels depends on how hot it gets and how fast it gets hot. Fingers crossed.

I was cleaning out the cats’ food bowls in the sink. Tucker was impatiently telling me, “Hurry, I’m hungry,” by my feet. For some reason, the neurons thought that called for “The Fire Down Below” by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band (1976) to be loaded into the morning mental music stream. They started with the lines, “Somewhere there’s somebody ain’t treating someone right.” The song is about prostitution. Don’t know what the neurons were trying to tell me here.

Stay positive and test negative, and so on. I’m off for my coffee. Cheers

Thursday’s Theme Music

Neurons awoke me this morning with their BJ Thomas imitation of “Raindrops are falling on the roof.”

Yes, it’s Thursday, and it’s raining. Nada wrong with that; rain is needed here. Fingers crossed that it’ll mitigate the drought’s impact and the wildfire season. Yes, it’s a weird thing that we’re in a drought and it’s raining. It’s all about the water levels and earth’s moisture letels, I’m told.

Today is 4/28/2022. Sun drop will come at 8:07 PM. Clouds have won the day, smothering the sunshine with plush gray sheets. With the temperature now at 45 F, our high of 57 F isn’t far off. The sunrise, a thin mélange of gray light through the windows, was at 6:11 AM.

I’m in a funk today. It’s a regular thing. About every twenty-nine days I cycle into a dark place. I don’t stay there long, but I always need to be cognizant of when it’s come so I don’t act stupid, let angry emotions rule me, or walk away from things. Patience must be exercised as I wait to rise back out of it.

To help me, the neurons have dug up The Brothers Johnson playing “Get the Funk Out Ma Face” from 1976. I’m sure I learned this song from hearing it in the barracks when I was on an unaccompanied assignment to Clark AB in the Philippines. It’s stayed with me, a strong and defiant song.

Stay positive, test negative, and so on and so forth, as most of us have been trying to do. Coffee is now serenading my neurons, trying to lure me into the kitchen. I think it’s working. Have a better one.


Saturday’s Theme Music

“History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes.” Sometimes they say that Mark Twain said this but that’s disputed. Watching Russia attack and invade Ukraine as Putin talks about going after Finland and Sweden sure does echo with past historic performances in Europe.

Today is Saturday, Mar — no, wait — February 26, 2022. I’ve been doing some time traveling and screwed up the date in yesterday’s post. Or, the cats were angry that I hadn’t provided them with sufficient treats and attention and changed it. Or, I simply made a mistake. I think it’s one of the first two. Surely, it’s not the third. And some reading that will say, “Don’t call me Shirley.” The sun delivered its gift on schedule at 6:51 this morning and is scheduled to perform all day in this area, packing it up at 5:57 this evening. Temperatures weren’t as cold last night, dropping to

The latest war, started by Putin in Russia, attacking Ukraine, pretending he’s doing it for the good of the Ukraine (which I’m sure something the dead agree with) has been going on for a few days. As it takes place, it has the feel and flavor of something that might expand to engulf the world. Not needed, know what I’m saying?

Two songs are competing for attention in the morning’s mental music stream. One is a disco song released in 1976 by one of the great singers and performers of any era. The other is a prog rock song that came out in 2001. “Drops of Jupiter” by Train is the second song. It came to head because of yesterday. The sun was giving us a gift of warm sunshine. My wife and I went down to Lithia Park to walk around and share in some of the treasure. Afterward, she wanted to visit a new store, called Drops of Jupiter. That’s what prompted the neurons to begin the piano notes, vocals, and strings that open the song. But I’ve used that song twice before as the theme music, so it gets voted out of the head.

The second offering is “Love Hangover” by Diana Ross from 1976. Disco raged across the world during that time. I don’t know why the neurons brought it up today. I’m more of a classic rocker with a leaning toward blues but being in a car or out and about meant that you were probably going to be exposed back in the 1970s, which is fine. It’s not rock, but disco has many admirable elements. It’s not the music I’d put on to relax or party, but then, my mother was always shaking her head and telling me that my music was not music. So, different tastes.

Here’s the music. Stay postive. Test negative. Wear a mask as needed. Get the vax and boosters. Hope the war ends soon but I have my doubts. Besides, it’s too late for too many already, and the ramifications for other matters, like the world’s wheat supply, are already rising. I’m going to go get coffee to reflect on it. Cheers

Tuesday’s Theme Music

The snow made it! Woo-hoo!

Shortly after posting yesterday’s theme music, light snow showers began. A few degrees were sliced off and we ping-ponged between sleet and snow for several hours. As the temperature shimmied down to 33 F, fat flakes faithfully fell, lining the world with white. Then the temperature shimmied back up, the snow stopped, and the sidewalks and streets cleared but remained on everything else. Then heavier snow began and continued through the night. We only achieved one to three inches locally, which, great. It’s up in the Sierras and Cascades where we need it. Reports are that it fell heavy there.

A little sigh of relief.

Today is Tuesday, 2/22/2022. Our temperature is now 31. Thin snow flurries fall in the front of the house; sunshine peeks through waning clouds on the house’s backside. The high temperature is expected to be 43 with lows dipping to 12 to 23 degrees, depending on where you are. My house will likely experience twenty-five. Sunrise was at 6:57 this morning and sunset will be at 5:52 this evening.

The snow affected the royal clowder. Sick cat chilled on his space and Tucker assumed his position beside me per usual. Papi, the ginger wonder, usually likes being the squeeze box, going in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out. Not so last night. Three times in and out, then done. I had a great night of rest.

I have a 1976 Gordon Lightfoot song in the morning mental music stream, “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”. Wrecks and accidents fascinate me, mostly because I’m intrigued by the backstories, not the mayhem. While researching the Soviet space program yesterday (I’m reading “The Apollo Murders”), I became sidetracked on an accident website. Out of that, my neurons began humming the Lightfoot song. So, here we are.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vax and boosters when you can. BTW, the clouds have broken and scattered. It’s now blue skies and sunshine out the front window, and the temperature is up to — wait a sec, please.

“What’s that, coffee? You want me to come and drink you? Okay, I’ll be right there.”

Gotta go. Here’s the music. Cheers

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