The 14 & 23 Dream

Another string of dreams rumbled through last night. A few were fragmented, disrupted by kitty maneuvering. One stood out for me.

No background to it. Opened with me saying, “It’s fourteen.” Another, ‘off-screen’, replied, “It’s twenty-three.”

I responded, “No, I counted, and it’s fourteen.”

They rejoined, “Twenty-three.”

Then — epiphany. I said, “Wait, it’s 1423.”

Confused murmurs rolled through the dreamscape. Then a beaming black man who I knew was a doctor confronted me. “You solved it! It’s 1423! Well done.”

Dream end.

Or maybe it was just a fragment.

Tuesday’s Theme Music

‘Fire season’ officially started on June 1 for 2022. This is the June 7; I’m a little late in reporting it. Guess I was beguiled by the cool temperatures and generally damp conditions. Essentially, certain activities are curtailed during fire season, or potentially curtailed. It gets down to the local level and the fire threat/danger depending on the soil and vegetation conditions, humidity, and air temperature. It’s all about being alert and ready, vigilant, and cautious.

Despite sunrise at 5:35 this morning, the temperature remains a springish 56 F right now, but a high of 76 is anticipated before the sun dips at 8:45 PM. This is Tuesday.

In other news, we’ve set up appointments for our COVID-19 booster shots. We’re starting to socialize more, cautiously creeping out of our shells, and we have some travel plans for this summer, so we decided, do it now. Like most people, I have collected a list of friends and relatives who have contracted COVID-19. My relatives are all distant. Only four that I know died; the rest have survived but we’re waiting to see if they’ll experience long COVID. Four friends tested positive for COVID-19 last week. Four more were exposed. One tested positive and was rushed to ER with a spectrum of issues. All of these people had vaccinations and boosters. Most were diligent about masks and social distancing. As the CDC and virologists note, vaccinations help deal with the viral load, but your results can vary.

I’m repeating a song that I’ve used before. It’s a good song, though. I haven’t watched the new season of Stranger Things yet, but I hear that Kate Bush’s song, “Running Up That Hill” from 1985 is featured in the show. Well, my neurons caught wind of that and just launched it into loop in the morning mental music stream. Thus, I need to share it to get it out of my system. I don’t make the rules.

Stay positive, test negative, etc. Coffee? Why, yes, of course. Here’s the music, there’s the day. Seize it. Cheers

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