Tuesday’s Theme Music

Wednesday, June 28, 2022, come on down!

It’s 68 F outside right now, quite pleasant. Mild cool breeze scrubs off yesterday’s heat residuals. We only touched 95 yesterday, as the heat dome did move on. Weather human compared it to last year, when the dome lingered, and 111 to 120 F regularly scorched the area cities, including us. We’re popping up to 86 today. The sun cropped in at 5:37 AM and will take its heat and light away around 8:51 PM. Yeah, fascinating how the sunset time has remained stagnant at 8:51 PM while the sunrise slowly shifts to later times.

The Neurons fed “Spiderwebs” by No Doubt into the morning music feed. This was a blatant take on my activity as I walked around knocking webs down. I was gonna go with it for the music but thought, didn’t I do it before?

Yep, one year ago.

Astonishment. It firms a trend I’ve noticed. The Neurons bring up the same songs with disconcerting regularity. I’ve noticed it numerous times. It’s often also the same pattern behind recalling the song.

Anyway, I no doubt decided (ha, ha, see what I did there?) to go with something else. Fortunately, The Neurons used their word association magic to come up with “Linger” by The Cranberries. I’m surprised that it’s not been a song used as theme music before. A great possibility is out there that it was but it wasn’t properly indexed by moi.

Moving on, here is the 1993 song. Hope you enjoy it. Remind me to stay positive and test negative, okay? Yeah, I think this is the part where I go get coffee. Cheers

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