Floofword (floofinition) 1. Human words which animals seem to understand or know.

In use: “Animals often quickly pick up floofwords like ‘no’, ‘stop’, ‘food’, ‘treat’, and ‘walk’, but will frequently demonstrate selective comprehension.”

2. Command or order issued by an animal.

In use: “When she went to get out of bed, the dog said, “Ermerumphf,” his floofword which meant, ‘Stop moving around, peasant’.”

Friday’s Theme Music

I’m sitting on Friday, June 3, 2022. Also, sitting on my ass, and on a chair. at

First Friday of June. That means art walks around here. Wine tastings. The OSF Green Show on the Bricks.

Mild day for it. 70 is the expected high. 52 F now. Sixty percent chance of rain, and thunderstorms might come around. Sunrise was at 5:36 AM — a minute earlier — while sunset is at 8:42 PM, a minute later.

The cats are loving this weather. I opened the pet door, and they slip in and out. Eating, checking to ensure we’re not breaking any floof rules, and ensuring we’re still capable of opening cans and dispensing treats. They’re mostly sleeping outside. Papi had claimed the Boo spot and made it his own. But Tucker noticed. Guess who is now in the Boo spot? Yes, Tucker.

Today’s music was brought on by an overheard conversation. Someone said, “It happened right before my eyes.” They said this three times, using the same inflection and nuances each time. I wanted to know, “What happened before your eyes?” They never said in my hearing. Like they were deliberately withholding the info as a prank.

Hearing it, though, the neurons started humming, “Baby, What a Big Surprise” by Chicago from 1975. Within seconds, it went from a hum to the full-on song. It was still residing in my morning mental music stream.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask, and get the vax as needed. Stay alert and aware. Have some coffee. I know I will. Here’s the music. Cheers

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