Floof Lunge

Floof Lunge (floofinition) 1. An animal’s sudden forward thrust to attack someone or seize something.

In use: “Jack Ryan was the household’s smallest canine, but the Dachshund was a floof lunge master when it came to treats, often gobbling up several of the other animals’ offerings before they even realized it was there!”

2. A person’s sudden attempt to grab an animal.

In use: “They were attempting to capture the cat now called Comet but she was adept at reading animals and always evaded their floof lunges.”

Thursday’s Theme Music

Summer is rolling into the valley. Today’s high will take us to 86 F, probably more around our house. Sunrise cruised in at 5:34 AM this morning and the valley sun tour will end with sunset at 8:46 PM. It’s presently 62 F on this Thursday, Jun 9, 2022.

I was having beers with friends, a weekly meeting outside. A local brewery, Caldera, was our host and provided us with the various ales and IPAs consumed. Eight of us, all vaccinated and boosted, fingers crossed, gathered. A ninth person joined us to tell us what’s happening with the local high school robotics club. It competes and we sponsor it, providing five hundred dollars each year through donations made when we have beers together. As the group broke up, my neurons started serenading me with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and their song “My Friends”, from 1995. Even a night of dreams didn’t shake it from its lodging in the mental music stream, where it remained this morning. It’s a reflective, introspective song, and I don’t mind it being there. I’m just singing along with the neurons. Maybe you will too.

Stay pos, test neg, and be real. Here’s the music for your morning listening pleasure while I boldly seek out new coffee. Cheers

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