The Writing Class Dream

Couldn’t tell what my age was in this, as I never ‘saw’ me. Most of the dream was presented in compacted segments, which gave background info. I was in a packed writing class. I’d gone from being cold and aloof with my classmates to being cheerier and friendlier. We were toward the course’s end. I was panicking because a big assignment was due. The theme was, what’s it like to be a writer? I hadn’t started mine. In fact, I lacked a plan. Meanwhile, other students had developed theirs, and presentations were underway. Another writer, who hadn’t impressed me in the class to date, gave his presentation. Wow, the imagination and cleverness in the multimedia concept he employed blew me away. A few other students presented, and they were okay, serviceable but not special. The teacher — a teacher I took creative writing classes with in Germany thirty plus years ago — gave her energetic presentation. I didn’t quit grasp her point as she used a rake, shovel, and broom, dashing around. I thought about doing a silent presentation, walking around, observing others, staring at the sky, scribbling notes, pecking on a keyboard, but that seemed so basic and trite. I kept coming up and rejecting ideas. Meanwhile, other students crowded closer to me. One female sitting to my right said to me, “I’m really looking forward to your presentation. You’re so talented.”

I laughed. “Thanks, but don’t expected too much. I still don’t know what I’m going to do.”

She answered, “Oh, I’m not worried. You’ll come up with something. You always do.”

While her belief injected some hope, I still miserably searched for an idea as another student gave their presentation, walking around looking at things and writing in a notepad. I felt sick.

Dream end.

Monday’s Theme Music

Clickity clack, Monday is back. Forty-two degrees F on this Jun 13, 2022 day. Looks like a typical and beautiful southern Oregon June day. Well, except for the heavy cloud cover and lack of sunshine. That lends it a Octoberish appearance, but with green leaves and flowers. Sunrise and sunset were at the proper times for June in Ashland, 5:33 and 8:47, AM and PM, respectively. Today’s high will be a mild 62 F.

The cats encouraged the neurons to sing “Minute by Minute”. Do you know the song? Written by Michael McDonald and Lester Abrahms, the Doobie Brothers released the song in 1979 (had to look that up) and showed some moderate chart success. The neurons liked it for the cats because there’s lyrics in there which proclaim, “I’ll keep holding on.” That’s what Tucker was doing after I picked him up for some personal time. His claws found their way into my sweatshirt, and he kept on holding on. The neurons so delighted in this, they began playing the song. It continues to reside in the morning mental music stream.

The coffee has arrived. Stay positive, test negative, and be aware, responsive and responsible. Here’s the tune. Cheers

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