A Quasi Military Dream

I was recalled to active service, except, it was all very casual. I wasn’t required to wear a uniform or go anywhere, but I received an assignment that I was to ‘go around and check the gas stations’.

My wife was with me. All I did was drive about to gas stations. It’s unclear how I was ‘checking’ them. She left to go get on my next assignment.

She returned with the information. We went to a new house. It was fantastic, gorgeous, white with wonderful views through floor to ceiling windows. We went up steps to the second floor to explore and were talking, telling one another how lucky we were to have such a house.

A man rushed in. He identified us and then said, “You need to leave now,” in a strong, authoritative voice.

My wife asked, “What do you mean?”

He replied, “You need to evacuate RIGHT NOW.”

My wife replied with a hard nod, “Okay, we will.”

Dream end.

Thursday’s Theme Music

Hold your breath! A new month begins tomorrow.

Yes, today is June of 2022’s final day, the 30, a Thursday, aka Thursday the Thirtieth. The sun clocked into our valley at 5:38 AM and will check out at 8:51 PM. Right now, it’s again a comfortable 20 C. I enjoy these days, when the temperature dips to 55 F in the night, then cruises up into the low 20 C range in the morning before kicking it up into the mid to upper 80s F in the mid-afternoon. That overnight cooling allows us to open some windows and let the heat out. We don’t like to run our air and have only done so one day so far this year. We use a small fan in the room where we sit.

The Neurons loaded many songs into the mental music stream yesterday where they still circulate like koi lazing in a pool. See, a fellow blogger posted an update on her issues. She’s always an interesting and frequently a humorous read, though you feel, too, sympathizing with her plight. Anyone, her reminder to herself was to breathe.

Well. You know The Neurons loved that. They brought up songs with the word breathe in it, but also songs about breathing. Heaviest in the playlist was Bush with “Machinehead” urging, “Breath in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out, breathe in.” Also up there was Pink Floyd playing, “Breathe. Breathe in the air.” Rounding out the top three was Pearl Jam with “Just Breathe”. As it’s never been featured here, it won the daily theme music competition.

Stay positive, test negative, right? I’m gonna get a cuppa coffee and just breathe its aroma for a few. Have a listen. Cheers

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