Monday’s Theme Music

It’s Memorial Day in the U.S., a holiday to respect and honor the military who died defending the nation’s honor, principles, freedom, and democracy. This is often done through parades, barbecues or grilling out, concerts, and sporting events such as baseball games and auto-racing. Oh, yes, there will also be car and furniture sales to celebrate the day.

Today’s weather fetches memories of other morning skies. Clouds with abstract shapes and ominous dark tones only permit brief snatches of blue skies and sunshine. It’s used to be more overcast in other places in the morning. In Mountain View, CA, and Sunnyvale, by this time of year, those clouds would all burn off by ten in the morning, a light breeze would begin its dance, and the temperatures would drift into low, pleasant seventies. Half Moon Bay was wholly different, with fog and overcast skies arriving, remaining until mid-afternoon. A break would be permitted then, tantalizing you with amazing ocean views before the clouds shouted, “Enough,” and shut back down. Temperatures would hover in the low sixties.

Back east, in western Pennsylvania, southern WV, and Ohio, the days were all over the place. Cloudy and chilly mornings weren’t unusual in this time of year. Nor was rain. But the temperatures would generally break out and climb into the seventies, and sometimes into the low eighties. Down in Florida, it’d be humid and sunny, much like the Philippines and Okinawa. Central Germany was more often like Half Moon Bay, featuring brooding overcast skies that didn’t really let the sun in or the air to get too warm.

Here, today, it’s 47 F. Rain is expected, along with a high in the low to mid-sixties. The sun began its warming attempts at 5:38 this morning and will close out its time in our valley at 8:38, granting us a full fifteen hours of daylight.

Today is Sunday, May 30, 2022.

I have a bit of music that the neurons snagged yesterday while I was out walking. A car pulled up to a red light where I waited to cross. The small SUV’s passenger window was partially down, and music was wafting out. As the car pulled away, I decided that the song being heard was “Carry On/Questions” from 1970 by Crosby, Stills & Nash, from the terrific album, Déjà Vu. Whether I correctly identified the song, the neurons started playing it in my head, along with other songs from the album. I humbly offer “Carry On/Questions” up to you as our theme music.

Coffee time. Stay positive, test negative, etc., and enjoy your day and your week. Cheers

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