Monday’s Theme Music

The records are in and it’s official: April was our rainiest on record. So, that’s good news.

But we’re still in a drought because so many previous years were dry.

Weather and climate change are as fascinating and challenging to contemplate as politics and quantum entanglement.

Today is Monday, May 9, 2022. An impressive sunrise, blasting around clouds, giving those dark boys silver linings, was struck at 5:56 this morning. The sundown show will start at 8:19 PM. Today’s high is expected to be 47 F, just five degrees from where we’re at. Storms are expected throughout the week, including today. Snow and rain showers are possible tomorrow.

All this weather had me singing “Stormy Monday” as recorded live by the Allman Brothers Band waaayyy back when. The neurons were taken by surprise; they were singing other things, filling the morning mental music stream with amazing melodies, but I called an audible. They’re still resisting it, so I’m about to blast it to impress upon them how serious I am.

Stay positive and test negative. Endure, succeed, thrive. Have some coffee. I know I will. Cheers

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