Sunday’s Theme Music

Last night was clear. Ample star and moonshine lit the way into today, Sunday, Feb. 13, 2022. Sunlight kicked in at 7:10 this morning. NIght comes on shift at 5:41 PM, when sunset begins. We hit 72 F yesterday, according to the home weather station, and will see 72 again today. It’s 46 right now. Nice to have such pleasant weather. Why, it’s spring, really, with trees unfurling leaves and birds bustling about. But we roll through daily ambivalence, contemplating what this dry streak and warm weather is doing to our growing season, fire season, and snowpack and reservoir.

Man, we are so out of cat food in this end of the valley. Only have four grocery stores plus three convenience stores and one drug store; all show almost completely bare shelves where wet cat food should be. I’ve ordered from online, dealing with inflated prices. Forget stockpiling toilet paper. I’m more worried about the cat food. We’ll see what another day, week, and month brings.

Musically, a wide range of songs have been flashing through the morning’s mental music stream. Some, inspired by the moonlight, began last night. A few were about sunrises (and our lack of a tequila sunrise). Then, there was the Monkees’ theme song, a few John Denver tunes, AC/DC, and Tame Impala. Like my neurons are going through the mental drawers and shelves, pulling things out to see what they are.

It all settled down to “Panic Switch” by Silversun Pickups from 2009. I have not heard this song in sooo long. Came up into the theme via a chuckle over telling my cat, “Don’t panic, I’m going to feed you now.” The neurons went, “Can you fall asleep with a panic switch.” Another mind part responded, “Huh?” With the speed of a blazing snail, the bass and rhythm found home in my head, followed weakly by half-remembered lyrics until it all arrived with a shout.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, when needed, and get the vax and boosters as and when you can and need. Coffee is up; I’m off. Cheers

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