Sunday’s Theme Music

The sun caught the 7:01 AM over the horizon today. The sun plans on spending the day here, visiting with plants, pushing the temperature to 74 degrees F, and showering the area with sunshine. The sun will depart on the 7:32 PM opportunity.

Today, fittingly, is Sunday. It’s also March 28, 2021.

Yesterday was a lovely day. Accompanied by two feline floofervisors, we went out to prep the garden. Soaking up the warmth, I let my mind roam through songs that mention sunshine or the sun. Thinking about it, there are quite a few which are dark songs. After rotating snippets of lyrics and melodies, the Kinks’ 1966 hit, “Sunny Afternoon”, settled into the groove. Its mellow feel was perfect for the process of pulling weeds and mixing in new soil. Give it a listen.

Stay posi, test negy, wear the mask, and get the vax. Cheers

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