Saturday’s Theme Music

Good morning! Today is Saturday, February 13, 2021. Sunrise was at 7:10 AM and sunset in Ashland, Oregon, is expected at 5:41 PM. Outside the windows, sun and rain compete for dominance. Clouds stack up and surround blue sky like disapproving parents. The current temperature is 42 degrees F.

Trump’s second impeachment trial dominates the U.S. headlines (witnesses are going to be called, you know), along with the weather. An enormous winter storm is moving across the nation, chasing the temperatures down the thermometer into that freezing range where few are comfortable. Snow and ice has caused power failures, traffic accidents, and deaths in multiple regions.

The Wayback Machine remains active in my brain. I was stuck with “Give My Regards to Broadway” in my head. It started yesterday afternoon while I was taking a long walk. I really don’t know why. Part of the process I suffered was that I couldn’t remember the name of the square mentioned in the song. I looked it up this morning, confirming that it’s Harold Square. When I sang that last night in search of the truth, it sounded wrong. So did every other name plugged in there.

Joining that song in the night’s middle was a song by the Turtles, “Happy Together” from 1967. I decided it’ll work for today’s theme music. Oddly, I had a cousin who couldn’t get his head around the phrase, “No matter how they tossed the dice, it had to be.” Although he was older by a month, I spent endless hours trying to explain what the phrase meant. Exasperating.

Stay warm, safe, and positive. Test negative. Wear a mask and get vaccinated. Sing along to the bouncy music. Cheers

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