The Mid-Morning Treat

My wife made us energy balls yesterday. You’re probably familiar with some variation. Her no-bake recipe is peanut butter, dark chocolate chips, and oatmeal rolled up in a ball about one and a quarter inches in diameter. They’re about a two bite for me, so they’re a perfect little treat to have with a banana in the middle of the morning. I mean, banana, peanut-butter, and chocolate? That’s an awesome flavor combo.

Ha, ha, I kid. I love it but I know many don’t. One thing you learn quickly in life that the foods you love and hate aren’t the foods that everyone loves and hates. Example: raisins. My wife can’t stand raisins. I love raisins. Give me a cinnamon oatmeal raisin cookie, and I’ll be wagging my tail day into night.

No, not my wife. They disgust her. (smh). Meanwhile, she eats prunes every day. We both do. Lot of benefits to prunes, and they have a great flavor. I tell her, “Prunes taste a lot like giant raisins,” just to watch her reaction. Lips tight, she shakes her head in horror and denial.

She’s a big fig fan. Paul Newman Fig Newmans are our go-to grocery store cookie buy, but the wife loves fresh figs. Her eyes light up when we encounter them at the store. The price conversation then follows. “They’re so expensive.”

I shrug. “It’s just money. We have that money. Buy them.”

“Will you eat them, too?”

“Yes.” I do enjoy fresh figs as well.

“Okay, if you’ll eat them, too. Promise me you will.”

“I promise.”

I will eat one or two, to live up to my promise. She gets the rest.

Anyway, off to enjoy my treat (banana, peanut butter, and dark chocolate, remember?). Then I’ll wash it down with coffee.

Yeah, go ahead. Judge me.

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  1. This is too funny, it’s true about someone we know not liking what we like. My boys, SPAM, I don’t do SPAM, never will its horrid. I didn’t like oatmeal either, growing up my mom MADE me and my brother eat her watery version of oatmeal. She’d make it that way so my dad could take it in a cup or thermos on his way to work. But that didn’t mean we liked it that way, totes yuck. So I grew up hating everything oatmeal related. I would bake oatmeal raisin walnut cookies every Christmas for my boys because they like them.

    Even holding back the occasional gag (seriously) while making them. Then my middle son said to me three years ago “Have you even tried these cookies ma?” I said “Hell no” and then when they left I passed the big plate o’ cookies on the counter and decided, why not? I’ve loved oatmeal raisin cookies ever since, lol.

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    1. Oh, SPAM launches a lot of conversations, jokes, and arguments. SPAM horrified my mother-in-law (who wouldn’t have it in her house) and mom, but I loved frying up SPAM and having it on an egg and cheese sandwich.

      Glad to finally turned the corner on the cookies. When they’re fresh out of the oven is when they’re best, right? Boy, I wish I had some now! Go good with my coffee, ya know?

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