Wednesday’s Theme Music

Eleven PM last night. Just washed and was brushing my teeth, regarding my mirrored reflection, when, “No, I can’t sleep until I feel your touch,” arrived in my head.

I’d been ruminating about what I’d written that day and thinking about the characters, so I don’t know the trigger for “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd. Released last year (2019), I enjoy the song, finding a retro feel in it.

I’d heard it earlier in the day. We’d gone out to a friend’s farm to pick blackberries. The song was playing when I shut off the car, but continued playing in my head as I picked. I guess it etched a groove in my mind. Songs will do that, you know, looping and becoming ingrained in a process called songitis. Songitis is rarely fatal although it can drive you crazy if the wrong song is caught on loop, like “Grandma Got Run Over by A Reindoor”.

Odd video. Takes several seconds of WTF watching until the song kicks in.

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