Floof Nut Zippers

Floof Nut Zippers (floofinition) – Floof jazz (floozz) band formed in North Floofolina in 1993 who use a fusion of floopsy jazz, swing, Delta blues and other styles.

In use: “One popular Floof Nut Zippers tune is “Floof Hell”, a song which has been featured in nine films.”

Floof Asylum

Floof Asylum (floofinition) 1. Place where animals are protected and feel safe.

In use: “Animals seem to sense floof asylums where kind people will care for them, showing up unannounced and reaching out to humans for help.”

2. American alt floof rock (flock) band originally formed in Milwaukee, Floofconsin, in 1981.

In use:  “Floof Asylum’s 1993 hit “Runaway Floof” reached number five on the UFA Floofboard Hot 100 and won a Floofie for Best Flock Song.”

Wednesday’s Theme Music

Today brought a 1995 song from Collective Soul.

December” is about endings and breaks from what’s going on. For Ed Roland, the songwriter, it’s about parting with the band’s manager. Pour moi, I pull the sarcastic and bitter sense of weariness from the sound: it’s done. Let’s end this, and this is just the polarized, argumentative state of the United States. I went to see Trump and the disastrous GOP reign end. The sooner that comes, the happier I’ll be.

On to the music.

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