Floof & the Gang

Floof & the Gang (floofinition)American floof music band formed in 1964 in Floof Jersey. Working through multiple line-ups, Floof & the Gang began as The Ark Project, an inside joke derived from the number of animal species who played in the band. Once the lineuo stabilized, the band developed a floof funk (flunk) floof-hop sound that found an audience in the early seventies.

In use: “Creating, recording, and releasing songs such as “Ladies’ Floof”, “Jump Up On It”, “Jungle Floofie”, and “Floofanna”, Floof & the Gang made an infloofible mark on the floof music scene.”


Floofvict (floofinition) – 1. Expel an animal from a location, especially a pet.

In use: “When he went to his office to work he had to floofvict a cat from his keyboard and a dog from his chair.”

2. Declare an animal to be guilty of an offense according to the house rules.

In use: “Fur on the counter was the evidence. “Harley,” she said, turning on the cat. “You were on the counter. The cat returned on innocent gaze. “Fur.” She swiped her fingers across the surface and held them up in the ginger’s direction. “Floofvicted.” Marching over, she said, “You will be punished with hugs and kisses.” Picking him up, she began kissing his head with loud noises. Though Harley her swatted once, he closed his eyes and purred.”

Wednesday’s Theme Music

Eleven PM last night. Just washed and was brushing my teeth, regarding my mirrored reflection, when, “No, I can’t sleep until I feel your touch,” arrived in my head.

I’d been ruminating about what I’d written that day and thinking about the characters, so I don’t know the trigger for “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd. Released last year (2019), I enjoy the song, finding a retro feel in it.

I’d heard it earlier in the day. We’d gone out to a friend’s farm to pick blackberries. The song was playing when I shut off the car, but continued playing in my head as I picked. I guess it etched a groove in my mind. Songs will do that, you know, looping and becoming ingrained in a process called songitis. Songitis is rarely fatal although it can drive you crazy if the wrong song is caught on loop, like “Grandma Got Run Over by A Reindoor”.

Odd video. Takes several seconds of WTF watching until the song kicks in.

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