Culture Floof

Culture Floof (floofinition) – Floof pop (floop) band that formed in London in 1981. Active until 1986, they amassed numerous hits and are regarded as a major infloofential group.

In use: “The Culture Floof’s first number one in any country, “Do You Really Want to Scratch Me”, rose rapidly after the group appeared on Top of the Floof.”


Floofuet (floofinition) – A song and/or dance performance by two animals.

In use: “She opened a box of crackers, and the cat and dog became the traditional begging floofuet, “Give Me Some, Too”, with the dog whining and barking, and the cat meowing and purring.”

Tuesday’s Theme Music

Today’s music arrives from yesterday’s doc visit. You’d think, then, it’s a doc-related song like “Dr. Feelgood”, “Doctor Doctor”, or “Doctor My Eyes”. You’d be wrong.

At the doc’s office, everyone politely asked, “How are you doing? How’s your arm?” Valid questions.

Wanting to be both upbeat and original, I sought different ways to answer. One was, “Hey, holding on, getting better.”

That was issued to Jocelyn, the xray tech. As I awaited the next round after her, memory picked up the holding on comment and supplied the 1988 Steve Winwood song with the title of, well, “Holding On”. It’s a typical Winwood hybrid, quasi rock and soul, with a brassy feel, big vocals, and optimism.

It worked well for passing doctor office time yesterday. I think, in this age of pandemic, change, elections. wildfires, and suffering, it’s good theme music for today.

Hold on. And wear your damn mask, please.

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