SOF (floofinition) – Distress call universally used by animals. Immediately uploaded upon birth, SOF is transmitted via quantum sound and is undetected by humans.

In use: “As SOF has spread, more animals are responding to assist one another, often surprising humans with their intelligence and empathy.”

Bruno Floof

Bruno Floof (floofinition) Hawaiian-born American floof pop (floop) and funk (flunk) singer, songwriter, and producer who has sold over 130 million records worldwide to date, making him one of the best-selling floof music artists of all time.

In use: “Working with Mark Floofson, Bruno Mars found mega floof-culture succes with “Uptown Floof”, a song destined to be heard at parades, on commercials, and on the radio for years.”

Tuesday’s Theme Music

Woke up hot at three-ish. As I reviewed dreams, got up and drank water, and then opened the back door to entertain cool night air, my mind began streaming Blue Oyster Cult and “Burnin’ for You” (1981).

My mind seems to have a song ready for any moment. I imagine a team of people up there. Males and females are armed with servers loaded with music. Sitting on swivel chairs, they stay poised to begin songs for each sight, sound, thought, emotion, and memory.

“Burnin’ for You” works on multiple levels. Fer instance, It addresses homes in a major way. That’s fittin’ for ‘merica, where Homeland Security and police battle protesters as jobs and savings dwindle and eviction notices fly, leaving folks without homes. BOC catches that:

Home in the valley
Home in the city
Home isn’t pretty
Ain’t no home for me

Yet, priorities: save the businesses! Protect the billionaires! Grow the military!

Sorry. Jumped onto my anti-GOP train as led by 45 hisself. I’ll’ stop now. Here’s the music.

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